Clinical Pharmacy Services

WellTree’s Clinical Pharmacy Model is designed to provide clinical services, with the goal of improving Patient Outcomes and decreasing costs.

Medical Rounds Participation

Pharmacist’s participation in medical rounds decreases the need for clarification orders as well as time to first dose. WellTree pharmacists make daily rounds part of their day.

Antibiotic Stewardship

Drug expertise, tracking and reporting are core elements to a well-designed antibiotic stewardship program (ASP).  WellTree Pharmacy places a pharmacist into your ASP leadership team and provides live data reporting to proactively achieve your goals.

Regulatory Compliance

WellTree Healthcare knows how important it is for your facility to always be compliant with state, federal, and accreditation agencies. That is why our staff undergoes thorough training in pharmacy law and joint Commission standards.

Adverse Drug Reaction Management

Clinical Pharmacy Services are correlated with reduced adverse drug reactions (ADRs).3 Our pharmacists use a multimodal approach including data to decrease and prevent avoidable ADRs.

Medication-Use Evaluation

A proper Medication-Use Evaluation (MUE) program promotes optimal medication therapy and interdisciplinary medication-use protocols as well as minimizing costs from medication complications.

Quality Improvement Programs

As required by The Joint Commission, Quality Improvement Programs (QIPs) are an essential part of improving patient care. Your QIP becomes ours as our pharmacists integrate themselves into your patient care model.

In-service Education

Ongoing medication education benefits everyone on the patient care team.  WellTree pharmacists take pride in educating interdisciplinary staff as it leads to a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Post-Discharge Follow up

Managing patients once they have left your facility is a challenge. WellTree assists in the post-discharge process and directly communicates with the patient to ensure medication adherence, appointment follow-up and drug screening completion.

WellTree does that!